Dear Brother,

you contemplate a donation, you should know about some of the great things that the chapter has done in the past calendar year, as well as some of our plans for 2019.

  • In 2018, we hosted two successful rush weeks that

helped us recruit 18 of the best young men on campus.

  • Between the three major philanthropy events that the

chapter hosted in 2018 (Camp for a Cause, Powderpuff

for the Kids, and Valhalla Feast), the Taus have raised

over $9260 for philanthropy.


     Through many popular social events such as Taus ‘N Ties,

     Black and White Ball, and the Pearson Cup, the chapter has

     improved relations with the rest of the campus.


  • In 2019, the chapter plans to host a banquet celebrating the end of another academic year. This event will be open to both active members and alumni. It will be a great opportunity for alumni and actives to improve their fraternal relationships with their brothers.


  • In April, we look forward to hosting another Camp for a Cause. This event is our biggest philanthropy event, and the campus organizations who win the event get to donate all of the money raised to a philanthropy effort of their choice.



Our chapter thrives off of donations from our generous alumni, and we welcome all support, whether financial or material. By donating to our chapter, you will contribute to a series of successful philanthropy, social, and fraternal events. This funding will help us reach our goals and leave an even greater impact on Mercer’s campus in 2019.


If you are interested in donating, please contact President Graham Guthrie at or Treasurer Eric Ogle at




The Brothers of Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Zeta         

As you know, the Alpha Tau Omega experience doesn’t end with graduation. There are numerous ways that you, as an alumnus of this great fraternity, can continue your legacy with our chapter. However, this letter reaches you with the purpose of discussing donations. While

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