WHat is CFAC?

Camp For A Cause is our annual Spring philanthropy event and was created 5 years ago in an effort to raise awareness for the local Habitat for Humanity center. Now, CFAC is redesigned to bring together other organizations so they can compete for their own charities! For three days, organizations are called to camp out on Cruz Plaza to raise funds through team-based competition, participation, and donations.

How does it work?

Organizations compete for a share of the total fundraised pot! Whichever teams come in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd after the week, get 60%, 25%, and 15% (respectively) of the total pot to give to THEIR ORGANIZATION'S philanthropy.

When and Where?

April 3rd through 5th on Cruz Plaza. Participating teams camp out on Cruz for those three days. Sign-in and setup begins Wednesday, April 3rd @ 6pm CFAC concludes on Friday, April 5th @ 5pm


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